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An Unsatisfactory Wash Result - Miele WCA 020 Active Operating Instructions Manual

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An unsatisfactory wash result

Liquid detergent does
not give the required
Grey, greasy particles
cling to washed laundry.
White residues which
look like powder deter-
gent are seen on dark
textiles after washing.
Cause and remedy
Liquid detergents usually contain no bleaching
agents. They do not remove fruit, coffee and tea
 Use a general purpose powder detergent contain-
ing a bleaching agent.
 Use the appropriate capsule or add stain removers
to the  compartment.
 Never put stain removers and liquid detergent to-
gether in the dispenser drawer.
Insufficient amounts of detergent were used to break
down the particles of grease in heavily soiled laundry.
 Use more detergent.
 Before washing the next load run a Cottons 60°C
programme with powder detergent but without a
The detergent contained compounds (zeolites) to aid
water softening which are not soluble in water. These
have ended up on the laundry.
 Try and brush off the residues with a soft brush
once the laundry is dry.
 Wash dark textiles using a detergent which con-
tains no zeolites. Liquid detergents usually contain
no zeolites.
 Use the Dark garments/Denim programme for dark
coloured laundry.
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