Safety Information - AEG DB 130 Instructions For Use Manual

Double plug socket
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Any other use or change the double plug socket is not permitted as it is not in
accordance with the re-quirements and can cause danger. the double plug
socket is to be used exclusively for private purposes. observe the maximum
permitted connected power (see „technical data").


Fatal or dangerous to children!
children are unable to assess the risks associated with this product!
choking and strangulation hazard! Do not allow children to play
with the packaging materials and this product.
this device is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities or who lack experience and / or
knowledge, unless they are supervised by a person who is responsible for their
safety or unless they receive instructions from this person on how the equip-
ment is to be used. children must be supervised in order to ensure that they do
not play with the device.
Read and observe all of the safety Information. Failure to follow this advice
can lead electric shock, burns and serious injury.
Mortal danger! Do not mount the double plug socket within the deployment
radius of air bags.
Danger of injury from fire and damage due to short circuit or overload!
the improper use of the unit can lead to serious injury and damage. Do not
attempt to open or manipulate the device in any way.
Danger of injury! A damaged device can lead to injuries. Do not use a
damaged device. take it to a certified electrician or back to where you
bought it from.
Fire risk! note that the vehicle plug warms up during extended use. Unplug
the double plug socket when it is not required.
Danger from electric shock! Make sure that the socket does not come into
contact with liquids. Do not use the unit in humid or wet conditions. Make
sure that all plugs and cables are free from mois-ture. never connect the
unit to the vehicle with wet or moist hands.
short circuit danger! keep electrically conductive objects away from the
plug socket contacts.
Danger of injury! Do not pull on the unit's cables. these could be dama-
ged. Damaged cables in-crease the risk of an electric shock.
Additional Safety Information for Model DH 200
short circuit danger! Always make sure that you connect the correct polarity
cables when you make the connections to the battery.
Do not attach the connecting leads if a device is connected to the double
plug socket.
Use only the connecting leads provided (comfort connection with ring termi-
nals) to connect the unit to a battery.
Fire risk! Do not leave the double plug socket unattended when switched


Table of Contents

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