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AEG DB 130 Instructions For Use Manual page 7

Double plug socket


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Always follow these instructions when using this product.
Include all documentation when transferring the product to other
these instructions are for the following units:
Double plug socket DB 130 – Article number 97212
Double plug socket DH 200 - Article number 97211
Images may slightly deviate from the actual product. subject to change in the
interest of technical advances. Decorations not included.
Included in delivery
Double plug socket DB 130 with vehicle connection plug or double plug socket
DH 200 with comfort connection, instructions.
control immediately as to whether the delivery is complete as shown. check
the device and all parts for damage. Do not use a defective device or defecti-
ve parts.
Intended Use
the double plug sockets DB 130 and DH 200 have two 12-v vehicle connec-
tors and a UsB connection. the UsB connection serves for the electricity supply
and/or for charging, e.g., mobile phones. the UsB connection cannot be used
for data transmission.
the double plug socket DB 130 is to be connected to a 12-v vehicle plug and
adapts this for an extra two connections.
the double plug socket DH 200 is to be connected directly to the vehicle
battery. this means that a high-er connected power is possible to the double
plug socket. In addition, this device has a voltage indicator with a battery
monitor function. the comfort connection of the device can also be used as
a charging connection (compatible with the following GEc battery chargers:
97101, 97102).


Table of Contents

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