Service And Maintenance - AEG DB 130 Instructions For Use Manual

Double plug socket
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the DH 200 model is protected with a fuse (flat vehicle fuse, 15 A) in the
terminal connection cable (+). this is designed to break the circuit if a power
surge or short circuit occurs, and will then require chang-ing.
changing the fuse:
Warning! Do not use a more powerful fuse.
this can lead to fire and can also damage the electronic system.
1. open the fuse box.
2. Remove the defective fuse.
3. Replace with a new (15 A) fuse.
4. close the fuse box.
clean the device with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or
solvents for cleaning.
Do not allow the double plug socket to come into contact with liquids.
check the unit for damage before every use.
store the unit in a clean and dry place.
warning! Do not use the unit if it appears to be damaged (e.g., worn cables,
broken casing).
If the unit is damaged, requires repair, or if you experience any other prob-
lems with the unit, please consult the sales staff at the place of purchase or a
certified specialist agent.
Do not dispose of packaging or the product through your household
waste! the product and packaging are made from recyclable
materials (plastics, metals, paper).
If the product is no longer suitable for use dispose of it in an environmentally
friendly manner in accordance with your local ordinances.
Warranty and Service
the general warranty terms apply to defects in manufacturing and material.
please return the defective product to your retailer.
to process your claim efficiently you will also need:
A copy of the receipt including date of purchase.
Reason for return (description of defect).


Table of Contents

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