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Care And Cleaning; Steam Cooking - AEG BSK999330T User Manual

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• Do not share your Wi-Fi password.
Risk of damage to the appliance.
• To prevent damage or discoloration to the enamel:
– do not put ovenware or other objects in the appliance directly on the bottom.
– do not put aluminium foil directly on the bottom of cavity of the appliance.
– do not put water directly into the hot appliance.
– do not keep moist dishes and food in the appliance after you finish the cooking.
– be careful when you remove or install the accessories.
• Discoloration of the enamel or stainless steel has no effect on the performance of the
• Use a deep pan for moist cakes. Fruit juices cause stains that can be permanent.
• This appliance is for cooking purposes only. It must not be used for other purposes, for
example room heating.
• Always cook with the oven door closed.
• If the appliance is installed behind a furniture panel (e.g. a door) make sure the door is never
closed when the appliance operates. Heat and moisture can build up behind a closed
furniture panel and cause subsequent damage to the appliance, the housing unit or the floor.
Do not close the furniture panel until the appliance has cooled down completely after use.

2.4 Care and cleaning

Risk of injury, fire, or damage to the appliance.
• Before maintenance, deactivate the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the mains
• Make sure the appliance is cold. There is the risk that the glass panels can break.
• Replace immediately the door glass panels when they are damaged. Contact the Authorised
Service Centre.
• Clean regularly the appliance to prevent the deterioration of the surface material.
• Clean the appliance with a moist soft cloth. Use only neutral detergents. Do not use abrasive
products, abrasive cleaning pads, solvents or metal objects.
• If you use an oven spray, follow the safety instructions on its packaging.

2.5 Steam Cooking

Risk of burns and damage to the appliance.
• Released Steam can cause burns:
– Be careful when you open the appliance door when the function is activated. Steam can
– Open the appliance door with care after the steam cooking operation.