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AEG BSK999330T User Manual page 20

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Steam for steaming
50 - 100 °C
Steam for stewing
105 - 130 °C
Steam for gentle crisping
135 - 150 °C
Steam for baking and roasting
155 - 230 °C
Step 5
Press the cover of the water drawer to open and remove it.
Step 6
Fill the water drawer with cold water to the maximum level (around 950 ml).The water
supply is sufficient for approximately 50 minutes. Use the scale on the water drawer.
Use only cold tap water. Do not use filtered (demineralised) or distilled wa‐
ter. Do not use other liquids. Do not pour flammable or alcoholic liquids into
the water drawer.
Step 7
Wipe the outside of the water drawer with a soft cloth, if needed. Push the water draw‐
er to its initial position.
Step 8
Steam appears after approximately 2 min. When the oven reaches the set tempera‐
ture, the signal sounds.
Step 9
When the water drawer runs out of water, the signal sounds. Refill the water drawer.
At the end of steam cooking, the cooling fan runs quicker to remove steam.
The signal sounds at the end of the cooking time.
Step 10
Turn off the oven.
Step 11
Empty the water drawer after steam cooking ends.
For steaming vegetables, grains, legumes, seafood,
terrines and spoon desserts.
For cooking stewed and braised meat or fish, bread
and poultry, as well as cheesecakes and casseroles.
For meat, casseroles, stuffed vegetables, fish and
gratin. Owing to the combination of steam and heat
the meat gets a juicy and tender texture along with a
crusty surface.
If you set the timer, grill function turns on automati‐
cally in the last minutes of the cooking process to
give dish a gentle gratin.
For roasted and baked dishes meat, fish, poultry, fil‐
led puff pastry, tarts, muffins, gratin, vegetables and
bakery dishes.
If you set the timer and put the food on the first level,
bottom heat function turns on automatically in the last
minutes of the cooking process to give dish a crispy