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Descaling Reminder - AEG BSK999330T User Manual

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Step 4
Select: Menu / Cleaning.
Step 5
Turn on the function and follow the instruction on the display.
The first part of descaling starts.
Step 6
After the first part is over, empty the deep pan and put it back on the first shelf posi‐
Duration of the second part: around 35 min
Step 7
Fill the water drawer with water. Make sure there is no remaining descaling agent in‐
side the water drawer. Insert the water drawer.
Step 8
When the function ends, remove the deep pan.
When this function works, the lamp is off.
Turn off the oven.
If some limestone residue remains in the oven after descaling, the display prompts to repeat
the procedure.

11.7 Descaling reminder

There are two reminders which prompt you to descale the oven. You cannot disable the
descaling reminder.
Soft reminder
Hard reminder
These reminders activate each time you turn off the oven.
When descaling ends:
When the oven is cold, dry the
cavity with a soft cloth.
Remove the remaining water
from the water drawer.
Recommends you to descale the oven.
Obligates you to descale the oven. If you do not descale the oven when
the hard reminder is on, the steam functions are disabled.
Leave the oven door open and
wait until the cavity is dry.