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Notes On: Moist Fan Baking - AEG BSK999330T User Manual

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6.8 Notes on: Moist Fan Baking

This function was used to comply with the energy efficiency class and ecodesign requirements
according to EU 65/2014 and EU 66/2014. Tests according to EN 60350-1.
The oven door should be closed during cooking so that the function is not interrupted and the
oven operates with the highest energy efficiency possible.
When you use this function the lamp automatically turns off after 30 sec.
For the cooking instructions refer to "Hints and tips" chapter, Moist Fan Baking. For
general energy saving recommendations refer to "Energy Efficiency" chapter, Energy
For steaming vegetables, side dishes or fish.
The function is suitable for cooking delicate dishes like custards, flans, ter‐
rines and fish.
The function is suitable for cooking stewed and braised meat as well as
bread and sweet yeast dough. Due to the combination of steam and heat
the meat gets a juicy and tender texture and yeast dough bakeries get a
crispy and shiny surface.
The function is suitable for meat, poultry, oven dishes and casseroles.
Thanks to the combination of steam and heat, meat gets a tender and jui‐
cy texture along with a crusty surface.