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Safety Instructions; Installation - AEG BSK999330T User Manual

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2.1 Installation

Only a qualified person must install this appliance.
• Remove all the packaging.
• Do not install or use a damaged appliance.
• Follow the installation instructions supplied with the appliance.
• Always take care when moving the appliance as it is heavy. Always use safety gloves and
enclosed footwear.
• Do not pull the appliance by the handle.
• Install the appliance in a safe and suitable place that meets installation requirements.
• Keep the minimum distance from other appliances and units.
• Before mounting the appliance, check if the oven door opens without restraint.
• The appliance is equipped with an electric cooling system. It must be operated with the
electric power supply.
• The built-in unit must meet the stability requirements of DIN 68930.
Cabinet minimum height (Cabinet under the work‐
top minimum height)
Cabinet width
Cabinet depth
Height of the front of the appliance
Height of the back of the appliance
Width of the front of the appliance
Width of the back of the appliance
Depth of the appliance
Built in depth of the appliance
Depth with open door
Ventilation opening minimum size. Opening placed
on the bottom rear side
Mounting screws
600 (600) mm
550 mm
605 (580) mm
594 mm
576 mm
549 mm
548 mm
567 mm
546 mm
1017 mm
550 x 20 mm
4 x 12 mm