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AEG BSK999330T User Manual page 24

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Heating function
Au Gratin
Slow Cooking
Keep Warm
Moist Fan Baking
Steam heating functions
Heating function
SousVide Cooking
Steam Regenerat‐
Bread Baking
Dough Proving
For dishes such as lasagna or potato gratin. To make gratins and to
To prepare tender, succulent roasts.
To keep food warm.
This function is designed to save energy during cooking. When you use
this function, the temperature in the cavity may differ from the set temper‐
ature. The residual heat is used. The heating power may be reduced. For
more information refer to "Daily Use" chapter, Notes on: Moist Fan Bak‐
The function name refers to a method of cooking in vacuum sealed plastic
pouches at low temperatures. Refer to the section SousVide Cooking be‐
low and the chapter "Hints and Tips" with the cooking tables to find more
Food reheating with steam prevents surface drying. Heat is distributed in
a gentle and even way, which allows to recover taste and aroma of food
as just prepared. This function can be used to reheat food directly on a
plate. You can reheat more than one plate at the same time, using differ‐
ent shelf positions.
Use this function to prepare bread and bread rolls with a very good pro‐
fessional-like result in terms of crispiness, colour and crust gloss.
To speed up the rising of the yeast dough. It prevents dough surface from
drying and keeps the dough elastic.