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How To Use: Rinsing; Drying Reminder; How To Use: Drying; How To Remove And Install: Door Glasses - AEG BSK999330T User Manual

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11.8 How to use: Rinsing

Turn off the oven and wait until it is cold.
Step 1
Place the deep pan on the first shelf position.
Step 2
Fill the water drawer with water.
Step 3
Select: Menu / Cleaning / Rinsing.
Duration: around 30 min
Step 4
Turn on the function and follow the instruction on the display.
Step 5
When the function ends, remove the deep pan.
When this function works, the lamp is off.

11.9 Drying reminder

After steam cooking the display shows a message prompting to dry the oven.
Press YES to dry the oven.

11.10 How to use: Drying

After steam cooking or steam cleaning you can dry the cavity with this function.
Step 1
Make sure the oven is cold.
Step 2
Remove all accessories.
Step 3
Select the menu: Cleaning / Drying.
Step 4
Follow the instructions on the screen.

11.11 How to remove and install: Door glasses

You can remove internal glass panels to clean it. The number of glass panels is different for
different models.
The camera module is located in the door handle. Be very careful not to damage or crush
the camera cable connecting the door and the oven cavity. Clean the camera lens
delicately with a soft cloth.
Before you start:
Remove all accessories and removable shelf