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Installation; Tripod Mount Installation Option; Installing The Camera On The Tripod - Motorola Avigilon H4A-ETD-KIT User Manual

Avigilon h4 thermal elevated temperature detection camera
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Tripod Mount Installation Option

For typical elevated temperature detection stations, the thermal camera will be installed on a tripod and
positioned in front of the individual and the blackbody. For more information, see
page 9.

Installing the Camera on the Tripod

Follow the
Installation Guidelines on page 9
 1. Open the tripod legs and use the height adjustment knobs to set the to 1.5m to 2m (5 ft - 6.5 ft).
 2. Remove the taped spacer from the underside of the camera.
 3. Screw the camera onto the tripod mount with the spacer positioned in between (B).
Optionally, you can screw the tilt adjuster onto the tripod and then screw the camera onto the tilt
adjuster with the spacer positioned in between (A). Adjust the tilt to ensure the camera is positioned
at a proper viewing angle.
Aim the camera at the blackbody and screened individual. The camera should be positioned close to
horizontal and should avoid steep angles.
for the recommended position and height of the camera.
Installation Guidelines on



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