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Park a Call
Call park allows a user to place a call on hold to a designated parking slot from which the call can be
retrieved by anyone on the system.
To park a call:
Press the Park soft key. The call park slot will display on the screen.
To retrieve a parked call:
Dial the park slot extension.
To park a call to a specific park slot:
Press the transfer soft key followed by the call park slot number.
To retrieve a call on a specific park slot:
Dial the retrieval park slot extension.
Place a Call from Your Local Directory
1. Press the Directories button.
2. Press the navigation Up or Down button or press 4 to select Local Directory.
3. Press the navigation Up or Down to select the Last, First or number field search option.
4. Using the keypad, enter the last name first name for the entry.
When entering letters, select the appropriate number key of the letter you want and press that key a
number of times that equals the position of the target letter. Ex: to enter B, press the 2 key two times. To
enter C, press the 2 key three times. Use the backspace (<<) soft key to make corrections while entering
5. Press the Search soft key to find your selection.
6. If your search results in multiple listings, use the Navigation Up or Down to select the correct
7. Press the Dial soft key to dial the selected number.
View Call History
1. Press the Directories button.
2. Use the Navigation button to scroll and select the desired call list.
3. Use one of the methods below to choose a call list:
Press the Select soft key.
Press 1 on the keypad for Missed Calls.
Press 2 on the keypad for Received Calls.
Press 3 on the keypad for Placed Calls.
4. Press the Exit soft key and return to the previous directory menu.



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