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Cisco 7905 Reference Manual

Ip talk series
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IP Talk
Cisco 7905/7905G IP Phone
Cisco 7912/7912G IP Phone



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  • Page 1 IP Talk Solutions Reference Guide Cisco 7905/7905G IP Phone Cisco 7912/7912G IP Phone...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of ConTenTs Getting started Adjusting the Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Dialing .
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    GeTTInG sTaRTeD aDJUsTInG THe PHone To adjust Display Contrast Press the Menu button • Use the Up/Down navigation buttons to select • Settings and press the Select softkey Select Contrast and press the Select softkey • Adjust the contrast using the Up/Down softkeys •...
  • Page 6: Dialing

    DIalInG To Dial An Internal Extension – Dial the extension • A Local Call – Dial the Outside Access Digit + • the number Long Distance – Dial the Outside Access Digit + 1 • + the number International – Dial the Outside Access Digit + •...
  • Page 7: Receiving A Call

    ReCeIVInG a Call The Cisco 7905/7912 IP Phone has distinctive rings for incoming calls: Internal Calls – one ring • External Calls – two rings • Distinctive Ring – If configured by CIMCO, you • can have 3 numbers with different rings. You can distinguish between callers by having them call a specific number.
  • Page 8: Using Your Features

    UsInG YoUR feaTURes abbReVIaTeD DIalInG Abbreviated Dialing lets you create up to 100 personal 2-digit speed dial codes. To Program an abbreviated Dial Code Lift the handset and dial 75* • Follow the voice prompts • To Modify an abbreviated Dial Code Lift the handset and dial 75* •...
  • Page 9: Call Block (Selective Call Rejection)

    When you enter the correct code, you will hear a • dial tone Dial the phone number • Call bloCK (seleCTIVe Call ReJeCTIon) With Call Block you can program your phone to decline calls from certain people. The Call Block Menu provides step-by-step instructions on enabling/ disabling the feature and managing the Call Block List.
  • Page 10: Call Forward (Busy)

    To enable/Modify Call forwarding from a Remote location Dial the number for Remote Access to • Call Forwarding or dial your phone number and press * at the message Enter your complete telephone number + #. If your • phone is configured as an extension-only (i.e., non-DID) line, enter your organization’s complete main telephone number + * + your extension number + #.
  • Page 11: Call Forward (No Answer)

    Press # to confirm followed by 2 to exit • Hang up • To Cancel Call forward (busy) Lift the handset and dial 77* • Hang up • Call foRWaRD (no ansWeR) Call Forward (No Answer) lets you forward calls to another number when you do not answer.
  • Page 12: Call Forward (Selective)

    Call foRWaRD (seleCTIVe) Selective Call Forward lets you forward calls from certain callers. The Selective Call Forward Menu provides step-by-step instructions on enabling/ disabling the feature, changing the forwarding number and managing the Call Forward List. To access the selective Call forward Menu Lift the handset, dial *63 and follow the voice •...
  • Page 13: Do Not Disturb

    Digit for external calls. After the party answers, press the Confrn softkey • to join the parties together Repeat these steps to add new parties • Do noT DIsTURb Do Not Disturb (DND) makes your phone unavailable for incoming calls. Incoming calls will be routed to your voicemail or another extension, depending on your configuration.
  • Page 14: Hold

    MUTe The Cisco 7905/7912 does not have a specific Mute function. To hear a call without the caller hearing you, you can use the Monitor Speaker to listen in without being heard.
  • Page 15: Permanent Caller Id Block Release

    PeRManenT CalleR ID bloCK Release If your phone is configured to block sending Caller ID information, Permanent Caller ID Block Release sends your Caller ID information for a single phone call. To send your Caller ID for a Call Lift the handset and dial *82 •...
  • Page 16: Speed Dial

    sPeeD DIal Speed Dial lets you assign favorite telephone numbers to buttons for one-touch speed dialing. To Use a speed Dial Lift the handset • Use the Up/Down Navigation buttons to select the • desired Speed Dial entry Press the Dial softkey •...
  • Page 17: Star Code Summary

    or dial *09 Follow the prompts to use the voicemail system • sTaR CoDe sUMMaRY feature Cancel Abbreviated Dial 75* + menu 75* + menu Dial an *3 + code Abbreviated Dial Anonymous Call Rejection *02 + code Billing Codes Call Forward –...
  • Page 18 noTes...
  • Page 20 1901 S. Meyers Road Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181 877.691.8080 0706 5483...