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Retrieve Voicemail - Cisco 7905 User Manual

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Basic: Place a Call
Lift the handset and dial the number.
Dial the number and then lift the handset.
If you have selected a number from a directory, press the Dial soft key and then lift the handset.
Speakerphone: Place a Call
Press the speakerphone button and perform the steps for placing a basic call, do not lift the
handset. To switch to handset operation, lift the handset.
Answer a Call
Lift the handset.
To use speakerphone, press the Answer soft key or the Speaker button.
End a Call
Hang up the handset
If you are using speakerphone, press the Speaker button or EndCall.
Redial a Number
Lift the handset and press Redial.
Press Redial to dial using speakerphone.
Hold a Call
To place a call on hold while on the call, press Hold.
To retrieve a held call, press Resume.
Mute a Call
To mute a call, press the Mute button. The Mute button lights up, indicating that the other party cannot
hear you. To deactivate the mute function:
Press the Mute button again.
Lift the handset if you are using mute with the speakerphone.

Retrieve Voicemail

Press the messages button and follow voice instructions.



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