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Cisco 7905 serie Manual

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Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series
Connecting Your Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series
Introducing Your Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series
Tips for Using Your Phone
Where to Find More Information
Safety Notices
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  • Page 1 At a Glance Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series Overview Connecting Your Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series Introducing Your Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series Tips for Using Your Phone Where to Find More Information Safety Notices...
  • Page 2 Connecting Your Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series Your system administrator or a technician will probably connect your new Cisco IP Phone to the corporate IP telephony network. If that is not the case, connecting your phone is easy. Procedure Follow the steps below. Refer to Figure 1 to locate ports on the back of your phone.
  • Page 3 Use the power cord to connect the power supply to a standard power outlet in your workspace. After you connect the Cisco IP Phone to its power source, a start-up process begins. After several minutes, the phone’s LCD displays a neutral “ready” screen. The details on your screen might vary, but a ready screen typically displays the date and time, your extension number, and available soft keys.
  • Page 4 Figure 1 Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series Cable Connections Power cable with wall socket plug Power supply with 5Vdc power connector. Only use the 5Vdc power adapter that was provided with the phone. Handset port Network port (10/100 SW)
  • Page 5 Introducing Your Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series A Cisco IP Phone 7905 series is a full-feature telephone that provides voice communication over an IP (Internet Protocol) network. This phone functions much like a traditional phone, allowing you to place and receive telephone calls. It also supports features that you have come to expect from a telephone—such as speed dialing, redial, and conference calling.
  • Page 6 The main features of your Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series are defined in the following table. LCD screen Displays features such as the time, date, your phone number, caller ID, line/call status and soft key tabs. Cisco IP Phone Indicates the Cisco IP Phone Series to series type which your phone belongs.
  • Page 7: Tips For Using Your Phone

    Dial pad Works exactly like the dial pad on a traditional telephone. Volume button Increases or decreases volume for the handset. Also controls the ringer volume (if on-hook). Handset with Functions like a traditional handset. The indicator light light strip at the top of the handset blinks when the phone rings and remains lit to indicate a new voice mail message (depending on your message system).
  • Page 8: How Do I Adjust The Ringer Volume

    How Do I Adjust the Ringer Volume? To change the volume used by the ringer, press the up or down Volume button while the handset is in its cradle. Continue pressing the Volume button to adjust the volume to the desired level.
  • Page 9: Where To Find More Information

    Cisco IP Phone 7905 series. Related Documentation User guides and other documentation for your Cisco IP Phone 7905 series is available on the Web from the following site: c_ipphon/7905_ip/index.htm Safety Notices Please read the following sections before installing or using your Cisco IP Phone.
  • Page 10: Warning Definition

    Warning Definition This warning symbol means danger . Warning You are in a situation that could cause bodily injury. Before you work on any equipment, be aware of the hazards involved with electrical circuitry and be familiar with standard practices for preventing accidents.
  • Page 11 Varoitus Tämä varoitusmerkki merkitsee vaaraa. Olet tilanteessa, joka voi johtaa ruumiinvammaan. Ennen kuin työskentelet minkään laitteiston parissa, ota selvää sähkökytkentöihin liittyvistä vaaroista ja tavanomaisista onnettomuuksien ehkäisykeinoista. Tässä julkaisussa esiintyvien varoitusten käännökset löydät laitteen mukana olevasta Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information -kirjasesta (määräysten noudattaminen ja tietoa turvallisuudesta).
  • Page 12 Dieses Warnsymbol bedeutet Warnung Gefahr. Sie befinden sich in einer Situation, die zu einer Körperverletzung führen könnte. Bevor Sie mit der Arbeit an irgendeinem Gerät beginnen, seien Sie sich der mit elektrischen Stromkreisen verbundenen Gefahren und der Standardpraktiken zur Vermeidung von Unfällen bewußt.
  • Page 13 Advarsel Dette varselsymbolet betyr fare. Du befinner deg i en situasjon som kan føre til personskade. Før du utfører arbeid på utstyr, må du vare oppmerksom på de faremomentene som elektriske kretser innebærer, samt gjøre deg kjent med vanlig praksis når det gjelder å...
  • Page 14 Este símbolo de aviso significa ¡Advertencia! peligro. Existe riesgo para su integridad física. Antes de manipular cualquier equipo, considerar los riesgos que entraña la corriente eléctrica y familiarizarse con los procedimientos estándar de prevención de accidentes. Para ver una traducción de las advertencias que aparecen en esta publicación, consultar el documento titulado Regulatory...
  • Page 15 Some LAN and WAN ports use RJ-45 connectors. Use caution when connecting cables. The following warnings apply when you use the external power supply with the Cisco IP Phone 7905 Series: Warning This product relies on the building's installation for short-circuit (over current) protection.
  • Page 16 Powered Network mark, Cisco Unity, Follow Me Browsing, FormShare, and StackWise are trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc.; Changing the Way We Work, Live, Play, and Learn, and iQuick Study are service marks of Cisco Systems, Inc.; and Aironet, ASIST, BPX, Catalyst, CCDA, CCDP, CCIE, CCNA, CCNP, Cisco, the...