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Unit Installation; Location Selection; Condensing Section Location; Air Handler Location - Bosch SM Split CS Series Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

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Table of Contents
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump


This section contains information on the following:

Location Selection


Safety Devices and
the UPM Controller
Specific Application
System Checkout
NOTICE: To avoid equipment damage, DO
NOT use these units as a source of heating
or cooling during the construction process.
Doing so may affect the unit's warranty. The
mechanical components and filters will
quickly become clogged with construction
dirt and debris, which may cause system
To maximize system performance, efficiency and
reliability, and to minimize installation costs, it is
always best to keep the refrigerant lines as short
as possible. Every effort should be made to locate
the air handler and the condensing section as
close as possible to each other.
NOTICE: These units are not approved for
outdoor installation; therefore, they must
be installed inside a structure in a
conditioned space. Do not locate in areas
that are subject to freezing.

Condensing Section Location

Locate the condensing section in an area that
provides sufficient room to make water and
electrical connections, and allows easy removal of
the access panels, for service personnel to
perform maintenance or repair. The condensing
section is designed for indoor use only.
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump

Air Handler Location

Locate the air handler unit in an indoor area that
allows easy removal of the filter and access panels,
and has enough room for service personnel to
perform maintenance or repair. Provide sufficient
room to make electrical and duct connections. If
the unit is located in a confined space such as a
closet, provisions must be made for return air to
freely enter that space.

Condensing Section Installation

The condensing section must be mounted on a
vibration absorption pad on a cement slab or
similar support to provide a good base and some
degree of levelness. The cement pad should not
come in contact with the foundation or side of the
dwelling, because sound may be transmitted into
the residence. See Fig. 3 below.
Subject to change without prior notice
Reference the individual installation and
operational manuals for your SM AH/AV,
BVA2.0, or BMAC for detailed instructions.
Loosen compressor mounting bolts.
NOTICE: The installer should comply with
all local codes and regulations which govern
the installation of this type of equipment.
Local codes and regulations take precedent
over any recommendations contained in
these instructions.
WARNING: The equipment should be
installed in accordance with the
recommendations made by the National
Electric Code, and in accordance with the
recommendations made by the National
Board of Fire Underwriters.
DO NOT remove the protective caps or
plugs from the service valves until the
refrigerant lines are run and ready for final
Unit Installation | 7
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Table of Contents

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