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Unit Preparation; Prepare The Unit For Installation; Setting The Unit; Pad Installation - Bosch BOVA Series Installation Instructions Manual

2.0 split system heat pump, condensing units up to 20.5 seer, 2-3-4-5 ton capacity, r410a
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8 | Bosch IDS 2.0 BOVA

3 Unit Preparation

3.1 Prepare the Unit for Installation

Check for damage and report promptly to the carrier any damage found to
the unit (Fig. 6).
The charge port can be used to ensure the refrigerant charge has been
retained during shipment.
Figure 6

4 Setting the Unit

4.1 Pad Installation

When installing the unit on a support pad, such as a concrete slab, consider the
The pad must be at least 1-2" larger than the unit on all sides.
The pad must be separated from any structure.
The pad must be level.
The pad must be high enough above grade to allow for drainage.
The pad location must comply with National, State, and local codes.
  T hese instructions are intended to provide a method to tie-down system
to cement slab as a securing procedure for high wind areas. Check local
codes for tie-down methods and protocols.
Data subject to change
Figure 7
#7 X 3/8" Self-tapping screws
(Do not exceed 3/8" length screws!)
Detail A
1/4" Χ 1-1/2" Hex washer head concrete screws
(3/16" pilot hole needed. Pilot hole should be 1/4" deeper
than the fastener embedment)
Figure 8
Installation Instructions
See Section 2.1
for unit dimensions
See Detail A
Field-supplied brackets:
2" width, 1/16" thickness,
height as required.
02.2019 | Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.

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