Specific Application Considerations; Well Water Systems; Cooling Tower/Boiler Systems; Geothermal Systems - Bosch SM Split CS Series Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

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20 | Typical System Setup

Well Water Systems

Copper is adequate for ground water that is not
high in mineral content. Should your well driller
express concern regarding the quality of the well
water available or should any known hazards exist
in your area, we recommend proper testing to
ensure the well water quality is suitable for use
with water source equipment. (See the Water
Quality table on page #14.) In conditions
anticipating moderate scale formation or in
brackish water a cupro-nickel heat exchanger is
recommended. In well water applications, water
pressure must always be maintained in the heat
exchanger. This can be accomplished with either a
control valve or a bladder-type expansion tank.
When using a single water well to supply both
domestic water and the heat pump, care must be
taken to ensure that the well can provide sufficient
flow for both. In well water applications, a
slow-closing solenoid valve must be used and
installed on the leaving-water side of coaxial to
prevent water hammering. Solenoid valves should
be connected across Y1 and C1 on the interface
board for all. Make sure that the VA draw of the
valve does not exceed the contact rating of the

Cooling Tower/Boiler Systems

The cooling tower and boiler water loop
temperature is usually maintained between 50°F
to 100°F to ensure adequate cooling and heating
performance. In the cooling mode, heat is ejected
from the unit into the water loop. A cooling tower
provides evaporative cooling to the loop water
thus maintaining a constant supply temperature to
the unit. When utilizing open cooling towers,
chemical water treatment is mandatory to ensure
the water is free from corrosive elements. A
secondary heat exchanger (plate frame) between
the unit and the open cooling tower may also be
It is imperative that all air be eliminated from the
closed-loop side of the heat exchanger to ensure
against fouling. In the heating mode, heat is
absorbed from the water loop. A boiler can be
utilized to maintain the loop at the desired
8733825873 (2020/05)
Cooling Tower/Boiler Systems Piping
NOTICE: Water piping exposed to extreme
low ambient temperatures is subject to
Teflon tape sealer should be used when
connecting to the unit to insure against
leaks and possible heat exchanger fouling.
Consult Bosch SM split CS ESS (Engineer
Submittal Sheet) for pipe connection sizes.
(See https://www.bosch-thermotechnology.us/
Do not overtighten the connections.
Flexible hoses should be used between the unit
and the rigid system to avoid possible vibration.
Ball valves should be installed in the supply and
return lines for unit isolation and unit water flow
Pressure/temperature ports are recommended in
both supply and return lines for system flow
balancing. Water flow can be accurately set by
measuring the water-to-refrigerant heat
exchangers' water-side pressure drop. (See Table
#21, on page #36, for water flow vs. pressure
drop information.)
No unit should be connected to the supply or
return piping until the water system has been
completely cleaned and flushed to remove any dirt,
piping chips, or other foreign material. Supply and
return hoses should be connected together during
this process to ensure the entire system is
properly flushed. After the cleaning and flushing
has taken place, the unit may be connected to the
water loop and should have all valves wide open.

Geothermal Systems

Closed-loop and pond applications require
specialized design knowledge. No attempt at these
installations should be made unless the dealer has
received specialized training. Using the Ground
Loop Pumping Package (GLP), makes the
installation easy. Anti-freeze solutions are utilized
when low-evaporating conditions are expected to
occur. Refer to the GLP installation manuals for
specific instructions.
Subject to change without prior notice
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump


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