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Standard Factory-Installed Components; Pump/Valve Relay; Field-Installed Accessories; Flow Proving Switch (Dps) - Bosch SM Split CS Series Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

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SM Split CS Series Heat Pump

Pump/Valve Relay

The factory-installed pump/valve relay can be used
to energize a supply pump or solenoid valve when
there is a call for compressor operation. This relay
can be used to switch either high- or low-voltage
Fig. 10 Pump/Valve Relay


A number of field-installed accessories are
available on SM Series of Heat Pumps. The
following details the purpose, function, and
components of each option.

Flow Proving Switch (DPS)

The water flow proving switch (DPS) is a
field-installed option available for the SM Split
series. The DPS prevents compressor operation if
there is inadequate water flow through the water-
to-refrigerant heat exchanger in the heat pump.
The DPS operates by monitoring the water-side
pressure drop across the water-to-refrigerant heat
exchanger. When the pressure drop between the
water-in and water-out lines reaches a preset
value, compressor operation is enabled.
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump
SmartStart Assist
The SM series is available with the SmartStart
Assist device as a field-installed accessory. This
device reduces starting (in-rush) current for
compressors by 45% to 65%. This reduction in
starting current can eliminate or greatly reduce
"light flickering" during compressor starts and can
reduce the required size of back-up transformers.
The adaptive technology of the device can also
extend compressor life by providing smoother,
lower currents starts and by protecting the
compressor from transient over voltage and under
voltage after ramp up. The SmartStart is designed
for single-phase scroll compressors and can also
optimize algorithms for high-pressure starts. The
SmartStart Assist device is depicted in Fig. 11.
Mounting Plate
Fig. 11 SmartStart Assist Device
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SmartStart Assist
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Table of Contents

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