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Condensate Drain; Water Piping - Bosch SM Split CS Series Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

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8 | Installation
Fig. 3 Vibration Pad

Condensate Drain

Fig. 4 Condensate Drain
A drain line must be connected to the air handler
and pitched away from the unit a minimum of 1/8"
per foot to allow the condensate to flow away from
the unit.
This connection must be in conformance with local
plumbing codes. A trap must be installed in the
condensate line to insure free condensate flow.
Drain Pan is not internally sloped.
A vertical air vent is sometimes required to avoid
air pockets. The length of the trap depends on the
amount of positive or negative pressure on the
drain pan. A second trap must not be included.

Water Piping

Supply and return piping must be as large as the
unit connections on the heat pump (See Table #2
for any line size with an installation 25 feet and
8733825873 (2020/05)
Vibration Pad
Subject to change without prior notice
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump
Flexible hoses should be used between the unit
and the rigid system to avoid possible vibration.
NOTICE: Never use flexible hoses of a
smaller inside diameter than that of the
fluid connections on the unit.
SM units are supplied with either a copper or
optional cupro-nickel condenser. Copper is
adequate for ground water that is not high in
mineral content. Refer to the Water Quality table
on page #14.
Proper testing is required to ensure the well
water quality is suitable for use with water
source equipment. When in doubt, use
cupro-nickel. See Table #9, Water Quality.
In conditions anticipating moderate scale
formation or in brackish water a cupro-nickel heat
exchanger is recommended.
Use a cupro-nickel condenser in ground
water applications due to the possibility of
the water having high mineral content and
corrosive properties.
Both the supply and discharge water lines will
sweat if subjected to low-water temperature.
These lines must be insulated to prevent damage
from condensation.
All manual flow valves used in the system must be
ball valves (supplied by others). Globe and gate
valves must not be used due to their high-pressure
drop and poor throttling characteristics.
Ball valves should be installed in the supply and
return lines for unit isolation and unit water flow
NOTICE: Never exceed the recommended
water flow rates as per AHRI ratings as
serious damage or erosion of the water-to-
refrigerant heat exchanger could occur.
Refer to the Bosch SM Split CS ESS
(Engineer Submittal Sheet) for water-flow
rates. (See
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump


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