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Terminology; Acronyms; Terms - Bosch SM Split CS Series Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

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AHJ — Authority Having Jurisdiction
ECM — Electronically Commutated Motor
EWT — Entering Water Temperature
FLA — Full Load Amps
GLP — Ground Loop Pumping Package
HP — Heat Pump or Horse Power when referring to a
HPC — Heat Pump Controller
LED — Light Emitting Diode
LRA— Locked Rotor Amps
NPA — Name Plate Amps
RLA — Running Load Amps
SSA — SmartStart Assist
TXV — Thermal Expansion Valve
UPM — Unit Protection Module


Conditioned space — Space within a building provided
with heated or cooled air or both (or surfaces) and,
where required, with humidification or dehumidification
means to maintain conditions for an acceptable thermal
Decommissioning — Means the final shut-down and
removal from operation or usage of a product or piece
of equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases.
Discharge Pressure — Referring to the pressure leaving
Reclamation — Means the reprocessing of a recovered
fluorinated greenhouse gas in order to match the
equivalent performance of a virgin substance, taking
into account its intended use.
Recovery — Referring to the collection and storage of
fluorinated-greenhouse gases from products (including
containers and equipment) during maintenance or
8733825873 (2020/05)
servicing or prior to the disposal of the products or
Recycling — Referring to the reuse of a recovered
fluorinated-greenhouse gas following a basic cleaning
Repair — Referring to the restoration of damaged or
leaking products or equipment that contain, or whose
functioning relies upon, fluorinated-greenhouse gases,
involving a part containing or designed to contain such
Suction Pressure — Referring to the pressure entering
Subject to change without prior notice
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump


Table of Contents

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