Sm Split Cs Standard Package; General Description; Moving And Storage; Initial Inspection - Bosch SM Split CS Series Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

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Fig. 2 SM Split Series Water-to-Air Heat Pump
[1] SM Split Series Water-to-Air Heat Pump
Condensing Section
[2] Installation and Operation Manual

General Description

SM Split Series Water-to-Air Heat Pumps provide
the best combination of performance and
efficiency available. All units are performance
certified to American Heating and Refrigeration
Institute (AHRI) ISO Standard 13256-1. All SM
Water-to-Air Heat Pumps conform to UL1995
standard and are certified to CAN/CSA C22.1 No
236 by Intertek-ETL.
Split system heat pumps consist of two
independently installed sections allowing for
centralized air distribution while remotely locating
the section containing the compressor and water-
to-refrigerant heat exchanger.
In the cooling mode, the air coil in the air handler
section serves as an evaporator and the water-to-
refrigerant heat exchanger serves as a condenser.
In the heating mode, their roles are reversed.
In cooling mode, the refrigerant lines connecting
the two sections consist of one line carrying liquid
refrigerant and another carrying refrigerant vapor.
The liquid carrying line will be referred to as the
liquid line while the vapor carrying line will be
referred to as the suction line.
The Water-to-Air Heat Pumps are designed to
operate with entering fluid temperature between
20°F to 80°F in the heating mode and between
50°F to 110°F in the cooling mode.
8733825873 (2020/05)
Safety devices are built into each unit to provide
the maximum system protection possible when
properly installed and maintained.

Moving and Storage

If the equipment is not needed for immediate
installation upon its arrival at the job site, it should
be left in its shipping carton and stored in a clean
and dry area. Units must only be stored or moved
in the normal upright position as indicated by the
"UP" arrows on each carton at all times.

Initial Inspection

Be certain to inspect all cartons or crates on each
unit as received at the job site before signing the
freight bill. Verify that all items have been received
and that there are no visible damages; note any
shortages or damages on all copies of the freight
bill. In the event of damage or shortage, remember
that the purchaser is responsible for filing the
necessary claims with the carrier. Concealed
damages not discovered until after removing
the units from the packaging must be reported to
the carrier within 24 hours of receipt.
Subject to change without prior notice
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump
A heat pump operating under extreme
conditions will have limitations on air/fluid
flow rates and/or temperatures.
NOTICE: 50° F Minimum Entering Water
Temperature (EWT) is recommended for
water applications with sufficient water
flow to prevent freezing. Antifreeze solution
is required for all closed-loop applications
and EWT below 50°F.
Cooling Tower/Boiler and Geothermal
applications should have sufficient
antifreeze solution to protect against
extreme conditions and equipment failure.
Frozen water coils are not covered under
warranty. Other equivalent methods of
temperature control are acceptable.
SM Split CS Series Heat Pump


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