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-The device is not intended to be run with
an external timer or a separate remote
control system.
-Unattended cooking on a hob with oil or fat
may be dangerous and may cause a fire.
- The cooking process must be supervised.
A short-term cooking process must be
constantly monitored.
- NEVER attempt to put fires out using
water. Instead, turn off the device and
smother the flames, for example with a lid
or a fire blanket. Fire hazard: do not rest
objects on the cooking surfaces.
-Do not use steam cleaners.
-Do not place metal objects such as knives,
forks, spoons and lids on the hob surface
as they may overheat.
- Before connecting the device to the
electrical network: check the data plate (on
the bottom of the device) to ensure that the
voltage and power correspond to the
network values and that the connection
socket is suitable. If in doubt, consult a
qualified electrician.
- After use, switch off the hob from its
control device and do not rely on the pot
-Avoid spills; when boiling or heating
liquids, lower the heat supply.
- Do not leave the heating elements on with
pots and pans empty or without containers.
- Once cooking is complete, turn off the
relative zone.
- Never use aluminium foil to cook with,
and never directly place products
packaged with aluminium on top of the
cooking surface. The aluminium would
melt and irreparably damage your device.
- Never heat a tin or a tin can containing
foods without first opening it: it might
This warning also applies to all other
types of hobs.
- A high power level such as the Booster
function should not be used to heat
certain liquids such as oil for frying.
Excessive heat may be dangerous. In
these cases we recommend the use of a
lower power level.
-The containers must be placed directly
on the hob and should be centred. Under
no circumstances may anything be
inserted between the pot and the hob.
- In high temperature situations, the
device automatically decreases the
power level of the cooking zones.
Before performing any cleaning or
maintenance, disconnect the product
from the electrical network by detaching
the plug or disconnecting the home's
master switch.
For all installation and maintenance
operations, always use work gloves.
The device can be used by children 8
years or older and by persons with
physical, sensory or mental impairments,
or by people without any experience or
the necessary knowledge, provided they
instructions regarding the safe use of the


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