Heating Elements - Electrolux DMGL8370SW Instruction On Mounting And Use Manual

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EN - Instruction on mounting and use
Strictly observe the instructions in this manual. No liability
will be assumed for any problems, damage or fires caused by
failure to comply with the instructions in this manual. The
device is intended for domestic use only, to cook food and
extract the fumes generated by cooking. No other use is
allowed (e.g. heating rooms). The manufacturer declines any
liability for inappropriate use or incorrect setting of the
The product may have different aesthetic features with
respect to the illustrations in this handbook, however
the operating, maintenance and installation
instructions remain the same.
This manual must be stored for future consultation at any
time. If sold, transferred or moved, it must remain with
the product.
Read the instructions carefully: they contain important
information on installation, operation and safety.
Do not make electrical changes to the product.
Before installing the device, check that none of the
components are damaged. Otherwise, contact the dealer
and do not continue with the installation.
Check the integrity of the product prior to its installation.
Otherwise, contact the dealer and do not continue with
the installation.
Note: The parts marked with the symbol "(*)" are optional
accessories supplied only with some models or otherwise not
supplied, but available for purchase.
1. Warnings
Caution! Strictly observe the following
-The device must be disconnected from
the electrical network before performing
any installation work.
-Installation or maintenance must be
performed by a qualified technician, in
compliance with the manufacturer's
instructions and with local safety
regulations. Do not repair or replace any
part of the device unless specifically
stated in the operating manual.
-Earthing the device is compulsory.
-The power cable must be long enough
to allow the device, built-in to the cabinet,
to be connected to the electrical network.
-In order to ensure the installation
complies with current safety standards, a
regular omnipolar switch is required that
assures the complete disconnection of
the mains under category III over-voltage
conditions, in accordance with the
installation rules.
-Do not use multiple sockets or
extension cords.
-Once installation is complete, the
electrical components must no longer be
accessible by the user.
- The device and its accessible parts heat
up during use. Be careful not to touch the

heating elements.

-Ensure that children do not play with the
device; keep children away and
supervise them, as the accessible parts
may become very hot during use.
-For people with pacemakers and active
implants it is important to check, prior to
using the induction hob, that their
pacemaker is compatible with the device.
-During and after use, do not touch the
heating elements of the device.
-Avoid contact with cloths or other
flammable materials until all the device
components have sufficiently cooled.
-Do not place flammable materials on or
near the device.
-Overheated fats and oils easily catch
fire. Supervise the cooking of foods rich
in fat and oil.
-If the surface is cracked, switch off the
device to avoid the possibility of an electric


Table of Contents

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