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Electrolux DMGL8370SW Instruction On Mounting And Use Manual page 58

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Bridge Zones
Thanks to the Bridge function, the cooking zones are able to
work in a combined manner, creating a single zone with the
same power level. This function allows evenly distributed
cooking with large-sized pots and pans.
The front
cooking zone can be used in combination
with the corresponding
(to check which zones are equipped with this function, see the
illustrated part of this manual).
To activate the Bridge Function:
- simultaneously select the two cooking zones you want
to use
- the Bridge indicator (20) of the
lights up
- by means of the Selection bar (3) of the
zone it will be possible to set the operating level (Power)
- to deactivate the Bridge Function simply repeat the same
activation procedure
Temperature Manager
Temperature Manager is a function that allows to set the most
suitable pre-set temperature to achieve the desired result (see
the Temperature Manager table at the end of this chapter).
Select the desired cooking zone.
Press once or multiple times
suitable level among the ones available:
* See the Temperature Manager at the end of this
Press again to turn it off.
The following symbol appears on the display of the zone
working in Temperature Manager mode
cooking zone at the
cooking zone
Master" cooking
(4) to choose the most
" "
Key Lock
The Key Lock allows to block the settings of the hob to
prevent accidental tampering, leaving the functions that have
already been set active.
The LED over the button will turn on, to indicate that it
has been activated
Repeat the operation to deactivate.
Child Lock
The Child Lock makes it possible to prevent children from
accidentally accessing the cooking zone and extraction zone,
preventing the activation of any functions.
The Child Lock can only be activated when the product is on,
but with the cooking zones (and extraction zone) off.
remove any pots from the hob
simultaneously press and hold
a double beep indicates that the function is active,and a
" " appears on display (13) and (14).
Repeat the operation to deactivate.
The Timer function is a countdown, which can be set for each
cooking zone (and extraction zone), even simultaneously.
At the end of the set period, the cooking zones (or extraction
zone) will automatically shut down and the user will be
informed by way of an acoustic signal.
Activation/Regulation of hob Timer function
Select the cooking zone (power ≠ 0).
Regulate the duration of the Timer:
press the selector
down time
press the selector
shut-down time
If desired, repeat the operation for the other cooking zones.
Note: Each cooking zone can have a different Timer set;
on the display, (15), the countdown of the last selected hob
will be shown for 10 seconds, after which the countdown
with the least remaining time will be shown.
(9) and
(8) to access the Timer function
, to increase the automatic shut-
, to decrease the automatic


Table of Contents

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