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Electrolux DMGL8370SW Instruction On Mounting And Use Manual page 60

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Press (touch)
ON/OFF hob/ extractor
The indicator light will turn on to indicate that the hob/extractor
is ready for use
Press again to turn off
Note: This function has priority over the others.
Switching on the extractor fan:
Touch (press) the Selection bar (6) to activate the extractor
Extraction speed (power):
Touch and scroll along the Selection bar (6):
to the right to increase the speed (power) of the extractor fan
to the left to decrease the speed (power) of the extractor fan
Activation/Regulation of Timer function for the
extractor fan
Select the extractor fan (speed ≠ 0).
(8) to access the Timer function (from
any speed)
Regulate the duration of the Timer:
press the selector
down time
press the selector
shut-down time
the display (15) will show the countdown,
Note: on the side of the display of the extractor fan, with the
Timer in use, the following symbol will appear
When the timer has finished the countdown, there is an
acoustic signal (for 2 minutes, or it will stop when one of the
buttons on the hob is pressed), while the display (15) will
flash, with the symbol
, to increase the automatic shut-
, to decrease the automatic
To switch off the Timer:
select the cooking zone
set the value of the timer to " " , by means of
Not: the function remains active if no other key is pressed
in the meantime.
Grease Filter saturation indicator
The hood indicates when it is necessary to perform
maintenance on the filters:
the LED
(17) will turn on
Reset of the Grease Filter saturation indicator
After performing maintenance on the filters, press and hold
the button
(7) ; the LED
and the indicator countdown will start again.
Automatic operation (Hob
The hood will turn on at the most suitable speed, adapting the
extraction capacity to the cooking level used in the cooking
To activate this function:
Briefly press
indicate that the hood is working in this mode.
(17) will turn off,
(7) , the LED
(18) will light up to


Table of Contents

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