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Using The Hob - Electrolux DMGL8370SW Instruction On Mounting And Use Manual

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Before you begin, it is important to know:
All functions of this hob are designed in order to comply with
the most stringent safety regulations.
For this reason:
Some functions will not be activated, or will be
automatically deactivated, in the absence of pots on the
burners or when they are poorly positioned.
In other cases the activated functions will be automatically
deactivated after a few seconds when the specific function
requires a further setting that has not been selected (e.g.:
Turn the hob on
and the
Operating temperature
or the
Warning! In the case (for example) of prolonged use,
the cooking zone may not immediately shut down because it
is in the cooling phase; the "" symbol will appear on the
" "
cooking zone display
Wait for the display to turn off before approaching the cooking
Cooking zone display
the cooking area display indicates:
Cooking zone on
Power Level
Residual Heat Indicator
Pot Detector
Temperature Manager Function
Child Lock Function active
Pause function
Automatic Heat UP function
Selecting the cooking zone
, or the
Lock Function
to indicate the execution of this
Hob characteristics
Safe Activation
The product is activated only in the presence of pots on the
cooking zone: the heating process does not start or is
interrupted if there are no pots, or if these are removed.
Pot Detector
The product automatically detects the presence of pots on the
cooking zones.
Safety Shut Down
For safety reasons, each cooking zone has a maximum
operating time, which depends on the maximum power level
Residual Heat Indicator
When one or more cooking zones shut down, the presence of
residual heat is indicated by a visual signal on the
corresponding zone display, by way of the "" symbol.
Note: Before activating any functions, the desired zone must
be activated
Press (touch)
The indicator light will turn on to indicate that the hob/extractor
is ready for use
Press again to turn off
Note: This function has priority over the others.
Selecting the cooking zone
Touch (press the Selection bar (3) corresponding to the
desired cooking zone.
9 Power Levels
The hob features 9 power levels
Touch and scroll along the Selection bar (3):
to the right to increase the level of power;
to the left to decrease the level of power.
Power Booster
The product features a supplementary power level (after level
), which remains active for 10 minutes, after which the
temperature returns to the previously set value.
Touch and scroll along the Selection bar (3) (after level )
and activate the Power Booster
The Power Booster level is shown on the display of the
selected zone with the symbol"
ON/OFF hob/ extractor
" "


Table of Contents

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