Electrolux 599 50 74 38  Service Manual

Electrolux 599 50 74 38 Service Manual

Ceramic-glass cooktop


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Touch Basic


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  • Page 1 SERVICE MANUAL HOBS Touch Basic © AEG Hausgeräte GmbH Publ.-Nr.: Muggenhofer Straße 135 599 50 74 38 D-90429 Nürnberg Germany Fax +49 (0)911 323 1420 TSE - N Edition: 01.00...
  • Page 2 By the warning triangle and/or signal words (Warning!, Precaution!, Attention!) advices are emphasized, which are important for your safety or for the functionality of the appliance. Please observe them by all means. This sign guides you step by step through the operation of the appliance. By this sign you receive additional information on the operation and practical use of this appliance.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Safety Electric Safety ......................4 Safety for Children ....................4 Safety during Operation ..................4 Safety during Cleanup ................... 4 So you avoid damages of your appliance .............. 5 Important Features of this Appliance ................6 Structure of the Appliance XX00K ................
  • Page 4: Instructions For Use

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Safety The safety of this appliance meets the acknowledged rules of technology and the Safety Rule for Appliances. Additionally, however, we as the producer feel ourselves obliged to familiarize you with subsequent safety information. Electric Safety Assembly and connection of the new appliance must only be performed by licensed specialists. Please pay attention to this advice, as otherwise in case of arising damages the claim under guarantee will be ruled out.
  • Page 5: So You Avoid Damages Of Your Appliance

    So you avoid damages of your appliance Do not use the cooking surface as working area or storing place. Do not operate the cooking zones with empty or without any cooking utensils. Ceramic-glass is wear-resistant against temperature shocks and very robust, but not unbreakable. Especially sharp and hard objects which fall onto the cooking surface may damage it.
  • Page 6: Important Features Of This Appliance

    Important Features of this Appliance Ceramic-glass cooking surface: The appliance has a ceramic-glass cooking surface and 4 fast- heating cooking zones. In this connection especially efficient radiant heaters shorten the heating-up period of the heating elememt considerably. Sensor controls: Your appliance is operated by TOUCH-CONTROL sensor controls. Cleanup: The advantage of the ceramic-glass cooking surface and the sensor controls is the easy cleanup.
  • Page 7: Structure Of The Appliance Xx00K

    Structure of the Appliance XX00K Dimensions of cooking zones: Rear left: 140 mm Rear right: 180 mm Front left: 120/210 mm Front right: 140 mm TSE-N 01.00 A. B. - 7 - 599 50 74 38 EN...
  • Page 8: Control Panel Xxxk

    Control Panel XXXXK Digital displays , after switching on and with automatic switching off due to the safety function, 0, when selecting a cooking zone, ,, according to selected cooking level, with residual heat, with malfunction, with childproof lock. Safety Cutoff of Cooking Zones If one of the cooking zones is not switched off after a certain period of time or the cooking level is not changed the corresponding cooking zone will switch off automatically.
  • Page 9: Before The First Use

    Before the First Use First Pre-Cleaning Wipe the ceramic-glass cooking surface with a wet cloth to remove possible traces of production. Attention: Do not use any sharp and scouring detergents! The surface could be damaged. Operation of Cooking Surface Switching on the cooking zone may cause a short humming. This is a peculiarity of all ceramic- glass cooking zones and does not impact the function or lifetime of the appliance.
  • Page 10: Selection Of Cooking Levels And

    Selection of Cooking Levels To set or change the cooking level ( ) for the selected cooking zone. Increase the cooking level by the sensor control n. Reduce the cooking level by the sensor control n. Switching on and off the Double-Tuned Zone When having double-tuned cooking zones the bigger heating circuit can be switched in to the smaller cooking zone by the associated sensor control on the ceramic-glass cooking surface depending on the size of pots and pans.
  • Page 11: Childproof Lock

    Childproof Lock Activation of childproof lock The childproof lock prevents an unintentional switching on of cooking zones. The childproof lock can only be activated when no cooking zone is in operation. Touch the sensor control “on/off”. Touch the sensor controls plus and minus simultaneously for approximately one second and release them.
  • Page 12: Use, Tables, Tips

    Use, Tables, Tips Cooking Utensils The better the pot the better the cooking result. You can identify good cooking utentils by the pot bottom. The bottom should be as thick and level as possible. Utensils with bottoms of aluminum or copper may leave metal colorings on the ceramic-glass surface which can be removed again only hardly or not at all.
  • Page 13: Reference Values For Cooking With The Cooking Zone

    Reference Values for Cooking with the Cooking Zones The indications in following tables are reference sizes. Which switch position is necessary for cooking processes depends on the quality of cooking pots and on the kind and quantity of food. Switch Position Cooking Process / Appropriate for Cooking-on Level...
  • Page 14: Cleanup And Care

    Cleanup and Care Ceramic-Glass Cooking Surface It is important to clean the cooking surface after every use! Attention! Never use aggressive detergents such as rough scouring agents and/or scratching pot cleaners. Always clean the cooking surface as soon as it is slightly soiled. For this purpose use a wet cloth and some washing-up liquid.
  • Page 15 Attention! Do not put vinegar, lemons or lime-solving agents on the cooktop frame, otherwise dull spots will arise. Grains of sand fallen onto the cooking surface may result in scratches when moving the pot. Therefore take care that no grains of sand will remain on the cooking surface.
  • Page 16: What To Do If

    What to do if ... Relief in Case of Malfunctions Warning! Only specialists are allowed to carry out repairs at the appliance. Improper repairs may result in considerable dangers for the user. In case of a repair please contact your specialized dealer or the after-sales service.
  • Page 17 ... the display flashes? The overheat protection of the electronic control triggered a temporary locking of the front left cooking zone. It can only be activated again, when the appliance has cooled down ( goes out). The other three cooking zones continue to be in working order..
  • Page 18: Assembly Instructions

    ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION Attention! Only the licensed specialist is allowed to assemble and connect the new appliance. Please pay attention to this advise as otherwise the claim of guarantee is ruled out in case of arising damages. Specifications Appliance Dimensions Section Dimensions Regulations, Standards, Guidelines This appliance corresponds to following standards: EN 60 335-1 and EN 60 335-2-6...
  • Page 19: Safety Recommendations For The Electrician

    Safety Information for the Electrician Within the electrical installation an equipment is to be provided, which permits to disconnect the appliance from the mains with a contact opening width of at least 3 mm at all poles. Suitable separating devices are e.g. LS-switches, fuses (screw fuses have to be removed from their fuse bases), FI-switches and contactors.
  • Page 20 Connection Diagram TSE-N 01.00 A. B. - 20 - 599 50 74 38 EN...
  • Page 21 TSE-N 01.00 A. B. - 21 - 599 50 74 38 EN...
  • Page 22: Assembly

    Assembly TSE-N 01.00 A. B. - 22 - 599 50 74 38 EN...
  • Page 23 TSE-N 01.00 A. B. - 23 - 599 50 74 38 EN...

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