Getting Ready To Use - Casio DT-X400 Series User Manual

Rugged smart handheld terminal
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Table of Contents
30 Battery Cover Lock Switch
31 Battery Cover
Strap Holes
(Hand Belt Mount)
Power Supply/
Data Communication Terminal
34 Reset Switch
35 microSD Card Slot
36 nanoSIM Card Slot

Getting Ready to Use

* In the step 3, be sure to charge the battery pack completely.
1. Confi rm that all the items listed on page E-12 are included in the package.
2. Install the supplied battery pack in the terminal. (→E-18)
3. Charge the battery pack. (→E-20)
4. Turn the power on. (→E-34)
Open battery cover by sliding
Cover battery pack
Used to attach the strap, hand belt hook and anti-slip hook.
Used for USB communication or to supply power to the terminal
and to charge the battery pack via either Cradle or Cradle-type
Battery Charger.
Cold reset
Insert microSD card after removing battery pack
Insert nanoSIM card after removing battery pack

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents