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3) Card controller check
3-1) Press the OK button. The entire LCD screen turns black to indicate that the card controller is recognized.
3-2) Press the OK button again. The card controller check ends.
4) Color pattern check
4-1) The color pattern is displayed on the LCD to see if the display is correct.
4-2) Press the ON button. The machine returns to be ready for selection of another function ("Service Mode Idle" is displayed
on the LCD).
(5) Ink Absorber Counter Setting
Set the ink absorber counter value to a new EEPROM after the logic board is replaced in servicing.
1) Before replacement of the logic board, check the ink absorber counter value in EEPROM information print.
2) After replacement of the logic board, the ink absorber counter value should be set in the service mode using the Service Tool.
In the Ink Absorber Counter section of the Service Tool, select Main from the Absorber pull-down menu.
From the Counter Value(%) pull-down menu, select the value (in 10% increments) which is the closest to the actual counter
value confirmed before replacement of the logic board, and click Set.
3) Print EEPROM information to confirm that the value is properly set to the EEPROM.
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