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Canon MX860 Service Manual page 67

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MX860 / MX868
This section describes the procedures for transporting the machine for returning after repair, etc.
1) In the service mode, press the ON button to finish the mode, and confirm that the paper lifting plate of the rear tray is raised.
2) Keep the print head and ink tanks installed in the carriage.
See Caution 1 below.
3) Turn off the machine to securely lock the carriage in the home position. (When the machine is turned off, the carriage is
automatically locked in place.)
See Caution 2 below.
(1) If the print head is removed from the machine and left alone by itself, ink (the pigment-based black
ink in particular) is likely to dry. For this reason, keep the print head installed in the machine even
during transportation.
(2) Securely lock the carriage in the home position, to prevent the carriage from moving and applying
stress to the carriage flexible cable, or causing ink leakage, during transportation. Make sure that the
carriage is locked in place at power-off.
- If the print head must be removed from the machine and transported alone, attach the protective cap (used when the
packing was opened) to the print head (to protect the print head face from damage due to shocks).
- If the packing material that fixed the carriage from the factory is still available, re-use it to fix the carriage (to
prevent the carriage unlocked during transportation).
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