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Troubleshooting; Transportation, Storage And Disposal - Husqvarna FS5000 D Operator's Manual

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WARNING: If the engine or cutting blade
stops, lift the cutting blade fully from the cut.
Set the engine start switch to the stop
position and push the machine stop button
The engine stops
during operation.
The cutting blade
stops during opera-
The cutting blade
lowers too quickly.
The cutting blade
cuts too slowly.
The control unit re-
starts when you try to
start the engine.
WARNING: Be careful during transportation.
The product is heavy and can cause injury
or damage if it falls or moves during
The fuel tank is empty. The related warning
symbol shows on the display.
The water safety switch stops the engine be-
cause there is no water pressure. The rela-
ted warning symbol shows on the display to-
gether with a warning message.
The machine stop button is pushed down.
The related warning symbol shows on the
display together with a warning message.
Too high load on the cutting blade.
A fuse is broken.
The drive belt tension is not sufficient.
The blade clutch is disengaged.
The blade clutch has an electrical failure or
broken fuse.
The valve that controls the speed for the cut-
ting blade position is open too much.
The cutting blade is blunt or the feeding pres-
sure is too high.
The battery voltage is too low.

Transportation, storage and disposal

on the control panel. Examine the product
fully before you start the product again.
For more information about warning symbols, refer to
the operator's manual for the control panel.
Fill the fuel tank with correct fuel type.
Disengage the water safety switch. Do a
check of the water supply.
Pull the machine stop button up to reset the
machine stop.
Listen to the sound of the engine. If the en-
gine speed decreases, pull the lever for
speed control rearward.
Replace broken fuses.
Examine the tension of the drive belt.
Engage the blade clutch to engage the blade
drive. Make sure that the engine speed is
1200 rpm or less when you engage the blade
Examine the fuses. Replace broken fuses.
Turn the knob for adjustment of the blade
lowering speed clockwise until an applicable
speed is set.
Decrease the cutting depth and engine
speed for a short time.
Charge the battery, replace the battery or
use jumper cables.
The wheels let you move the product manually for
shorter distances. For longer distances, lift the product
to move it or put the product on a vehicle.
CAUTION: Do not tow the product behind a
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Table of Contents

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