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Operation And Use - JTS RU-988KB Instruction Manual

Uhf pll, remoset u ultrasonic synchronizing technology
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6-2 Operation and Use //

Parameter setting
◎ Light Indication
Green:Fully charged>2V
Flashing green:Microphone is in mute mode.
Red:Power shortage≦2V, battery level<1.8V,
transmitter will be forced into the shutdown process.
Red and green flash alternately:mic mute (low battery).
Blue:channel matching succeeded.
Flashing blue:data receiving error.
◎ Channel setting
Press the "SET key" for two seconds, enter the setting mode,
and then press the ▲/▼ key to select relevant parameters.
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◎ FREQ Frequency Setting
Take 1MHz as
the unit
Take 0.025MHz
as the unit
1-101A represents band 1, the
first channel, A Channel
2-E95b represents band 2,
group E, the 95th channel, B
Press the ▲/▼ key to set the
Press the ▲/▼ key to set the
First set bands 1~3,and then set frequencies
01~90 and groups 91~96.
First set the frequency number that
takes 1MHz as the unit, and then set
the frequency number that takes
0.025MHz as the unit.
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