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Connecting The Receiver; Operation; Basic Settings - JTS UF-10R/12 Instruction Manual

Uhf wideband receiver 624 – 694 mhz
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Table of Contents

5 Connecting the Receiver

1) Insert the two supplied antennas (1) into the
antenna jacks ANT. 1 and ANT. 2 (13) and put
them in a vertical position.
Hint: To increase the range and the interference resist-
ance, use two antenna amplifiers UB-900 / 2 (incl.
antennas) available as accessories instead of the
antennas provided. The amplifiers are supplied with
power via the antenna jacks of the receiver (
ter 6.1).
2) To connect the subsequent unit, e. g. mixer or
amplifier, two audio outputs are available:
XLR chassis plug (11)
balanced output (phantom power resistant)
for connection to a microphone input or to a
line input (The output level can be switched
6.3 mm jack (12)
balanced output for connection to a line input
3) Connect the power supply unit provided to the
power supply jack (10) and to a mains socket
(230 V~ / 50 Hz).

6 Operation

1) Switch on the receiver with the button
display (5) shows various information (
ter 1, item 5).
2) All settings are made via a menu:
a) To call up the main menu (fig. 1), keep the
button SETUP (6) pressed for two seconds
until the menu appears.
b) Turn the knob PUSH / CONTROL to select
the desired menu item. Then press the knob
to call up the menu item.
c) Turn the knob to change the setting or, if a
submenu appears, select a submenu item
and press the knob to call it up.
d) Menu item
to switch between setting in steps of 1 MHz
and steps of 0.025 MHz. Menu item
tween setting of group and channel.
e) To save a setting, press the button SETUP.
To return to the previous setting, press the
button EXIT (8) twice.
f) To return to the main menu from a submenu,
press the button EXIT or, if available, select
the menu item
g) To exit the main menu, press the button
or select the menu item EXIT and
press the knob PUSH / CONTROL.
chapter 6.1.)
: Press the knob
: Press the knob to switch be -
and press the knob
All setting options via the menu can be found in
the following chapters.
3) To switch off the unit, keep the button
for two seconds until the display shows
If the receiver is not in use for a longer
period of time, disconnect the power supply unit
from the mains socket; even if the receiver is
switched off, the power supply unit will have a
low power consumption.

6.1 Basic settings

1) If the receiver has been connected to the fol-
lowing unit via the XLR connector (11), make a
rough adjustment of the output level via the
menu item
a) Keep the button SETUP (6) pressed for two
seconds until the main menu (fig. 1) ap -
b) Turn the knob PUSH / CONTROL (7) to se -
lect the menu item
press the knob to call up the menu item.
(9). The
c) Turn the knob to select:
d) Press the button SETUP to save the setting.
The main menu reappears.
e) To exit the menu, press the button EXIT (8)
or to change the setting, turn the knob
PUSH/ CONTROL and select the correspond -
ing menu item.
2) If the antenna amplifiers UB-900 / 2 have been
connected to the antenna jacks (13), select the
if not, select the setting
Antenna Power
3) Via the menu item
can be entered (10 characters max.) which will
appear on the display (e. g. UF-10R in fig. 2).
When several receivers are used, this will make
it easier to distinguish between the receivers
and to identify them. After the menu item
Output Level
Output Level
Output Level
for connection to a line level input
for connection to a microphone input
Antenna Power
via the menu item
User Name
. Then
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
, a unit name


Table of Contents

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