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System Configuration - Bosch Power DC plus 25kW Installation Manual

Wallbox charger
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WARNING! Only use a Torx® Tamper-
Resistant T20 screwdriver to secure or
remove the screws. Use of any other tool
may damage screws and panel.
Optional for Network Connectivity
Remove the protection cover on the right side.
Insert SIM card onto 3G board and fasten the pro-
tection cover back.
10. Do the following to return right filter cover:
a. Hang filter cover onto the unit.
Pull down the pin, place back filter cover, and
fasten screws on bottom.
c. Fasten screws on top.
11. Mount charging plug hanger onto the wall.
Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc.
25kW Wallbox Charger Installation Manual | 7 | en
Power DC
12. Place charging cable and plug on the hanger prop-
NOTE: Vehicle coupler style may vary.
13. Switch power back on and turn the key to initialize
the DC Wallbox.

6.0 System Configuration

NOTE: The system is capable of being configured for
use on various EV charging networks or with
various user authentication options. By def-
ault, the unit is configured to allow charging
immediately when plugged in. The following
section is optional if no further customization
is required. Software can be obtained at
WARNING! Only configure the charger
when the charger is not in charging
mode to avoid interruption of an ongoing
charging session.
Use the Windows-based configuration tool released
by the DC Wallbox manufacturer to launch the
configuration tool.
When the configuration is done, copy the param-
eter file (report/DeltaDCEVSEConfig) to the root of
a USB flash drive.
Insert the USB flash disk into the USB Host ports of
the CSU on the bottom (labeled USB). The configu-
ration will be uploaded to the DC Wallbox.
Remove the USB flash drive when the configuration
is complete
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Table of Contents