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Service Wiring; Recommended Tools - Bosch Power DC plus 25kW Installation Manual

Wallbox charger
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The manufacturer is not responsible for physical injury,
or damage to property or equipment caused by the
installation of this device.
This document provides instructions for the DC Wallbox
charger and should not be used for any other product.
Before installation or use of this product, review this
manual carefully and consult with a licensed contractor,
licensed electrician, or trained installation expert to
ensure compliance with local building codes and safety

2.2 Service Wiring

2.2.1 Ground Connection
Always connect the Neutral at the service to Earth Ground.
If ground is not provided by the electrical service, you must
install a grounding stake nearby. The grounding stake must
be connected to the ground bar in the main breaker panel,
and Neutral connected to Ground at that point.
2.2.2 200V / 208V / 240V Single-Phase
WARNING! If the DC Wallbox is a single-
phase device, do not connect all three
phases of a three-phase feed.
CAUTION The two phases used must each
measure 120V to Neutral. Earth ground must
be connected to Neutral at only one point,
usually at the breaker panel.
2.2.3 277V Single-Phase
CAUTION The 277V is feed from the
Y-connection power grid. The DC Wallbox can
connect to L1, L2 or L3, and Neutral. Earth
ground must be connected to Neutral at only
one point, usually at the breaker panel.
Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc.
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Power DC

3.0 Recommended Tools

The following tools are recommended for DC Wallbox
Charger installation:
(1x) Voltmeter or digital multi-meter
(1x) Water level
(1x) Hammer
(1x) Concrete drilling machine
(1x) Wire cutters / strippers
(1x) Torx® Tamper-Resistant T20 screwdriver
(1x) No.8 Flathead screwdriver
(1x) No.6 Flathead screwdriver
(1x) M50 conduit hub, conduit and wrench (for
main power wires)
(1x) M25 conduit hub, conduit and wrench (for
(2x) Ring terminal RNB70-10 (for #2/0 AWG L/N
wire) for models with 200V, 220V or 277V single-
phase input
(1x) Ring terminal RNBS14-6 (for #6 AWG PE wire)
for ground wire
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Table of Contents