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Bosch Power DC plus 25kW Installation Manual page 9

Wallbox charger
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25kW Wallbox Charger Installation Manual
Fasten cable gland to secure wires.
Remove lid of terminal block and connect L, N, and
PE wires to the correct terminals.
Fasten each wire with proper screw and torque.
NOTE: Power wiring for 200 / 208 / 240 / 277V, Sin-
gle-Phase Model:
` Conduit hub and conduit size M50 accord-
ing to EN 61386-24.
` Connect the power wires of 2 x RNB70-10
ring terminal with cable lugs to the input
terminal marked with "L " and "N" using 2 x
M10.0 screws with torque of 88.4 lb-in.
` Connect the ground wire of RNBS14-6 into
the earth terminal marked with ground
symbol using 1 x M6 screw with torque of
17.7 lb-in.
WARNING! Cable color coding may be
defined differently among countries.
579604 | REV. A | 12.12.2016
Place lid back to terminal block.
CAUTION Lid must be in place to
ensure a safe connection.
CAUTION Make sure the electric wire
conduit is aligned with the DC Wallbox
Charger input wire opening prior to
installation. Failure to do so could
damage the wiring or the charger.
NOTE: Back-fed wiring is also possible by doing
the following:
a. Remove the water proof cap on the back and
place it to the bottom opening.
b. Make sure wires from the wall have proper
c. Feed wires from the back when placing unit
onto wall-mount bracket.
d. The rest steps remain the same as bottom-
fed wiring.
Put front cover back and fasten screws securely.
Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc.


Table of Contents