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Installing Power Modules; Making The Connections - Bosch Power DC plus 25kW Installation Manual

Wallbox charger
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` Use appropriate screws for different types of walls. A
drilling machine might be needed for certain conditions.
` Follow applicable accessibility requirements for the
mounting position. The unit shall be mounted at a suf-
ficient height from grade such that the height of the
storage means is located between 600 mm (24 inches)
and 1.2 m (4 feet) from grade per NEC Article 625.
Do the following:
a. Place unit onto bracket.
b. Align the back chassis of unit with the correspond-
ing slot on the bracket.
c. Slowly slide down the unit until it sits firmly on the
d. Fasten two screws from the bottom.

4.3 Installing Power Modules

Do the following to remove right filter cover:
a. Release the screws on top.
Release the screws on bottom and pull down the
center pin.
c. Open and remove the filter cover.
Place two power modules into unit by doing the follow-
ing. (The slide rail is located at the bottom of the pow-
er module.)
a. Insert power modules.
Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc.
25kW Wallbox Charger Installation Manual | 5 | en
Power DC
b. Fasten captive floating screw on power module.
WARNING! Only use a No. 6 flathead
screwdriver to secure or remove the
screws of power modules. Use of any
other tool may damage screws and panel.

5.0 Making the Connections

Do the following to open the front cover for wiring:
a. Release the two screws on top.
Press pins to open front cover
c. Pull down front cover gently
For bottom-fed wiring, feed wires from the bottom
and keep proper length for each wire.
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Table of Contents