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Firmware Upgrade; Maintenance - Bosch Power DC plus 25kW Installation Manual

Wallbox charger
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6.3 Firmware Upgrade

Firmware update can be done via USB port on the bottom
of the cabinet.

7.0 Maintenance

WARNING! Danger of electrical shock or
injury. Turn off power at the panelboard
or load center before working on the
equipment or removing any component.
Do not remove circuit protective devices
or any other component until the power is
turned off.
Disconnect electrical power to the DC Wallbox before any
maintenance work to ensure that it is separated from the
supply of AC mains. Failure to do so may cause physical
injury or damage to the electrical system and charging
The circuit before the main breaker and auxiliary
breaker may be hazardous. Only visual inspection of
switching device and other apparatus can be oper-
Maintenance of the DC Wallbox shall be conducted
only by a qualified technician.
After opening the front door, turn off the main breaker
and auxiliary breaker before any maintenance work.
Replace the ventilation filter every six to twelve
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Table of Contents