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Introduction; Features; Applications; Safety And Compliance - Bosch Power DC plus 25kW Installation Manual

Wallbox charger
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25kW Wallbox Charger Installation Manual

1.0 Introduction

The Power DC
25kW DC Wallbox Charger is the top
choice to power plug-in electric vehicles (PHEV) and
battery electric vehicles (BEV) today. It is designed for
quick charging in both public and private locations, such
as retail and commercial parking spaces, fleet charging
stations, highway rest areas, workplace, residence, etc.
The DC Wallbox charger has the advantage of easy
installation. The wall-mounting design and pluggable
power modules realize flexible and cost-effective instal-
lation for different types of locations.
The DC Wallbox charger also has network communica-
tion capability. It is able to connect with remote net-
work systems and provide drivers of electric cars real-
time information, such as the location of charging sta-
tions, charging progress, and billing information.
DC Wallbox charger has a clear user interface with
function buttons, safety system of power supply, and
excellent waterproof and dust proof technology to pro-
vide the best choice for outdoor environments. It can
also integrate with renewable energy, such as solar
power and wind power technology, to provide the most
energy saving infrastructure for EV system development.

1.1 Features

Wall-mount design and pluggable power modules
make installation easy and flexible.
Offers customers the convenience of full start and
stop charging control from an authorized RFID
smart card or mobile APP.
Built on latest industry standards for DC charging.
Carries an outdoor rating capable of withstanding
solid and liquid intrusions in outdoor settings mak-
ing the unit more stable and highly reliable.
Provides a high-contrast, OLED screen interface
with multi-function buttons

1.2 Applications

Public and private parking areas
Community parking areas
Parking areas of hotels, supermarkets and shopping
Workplace parking areas
Charging stations
Highway rest areas
Vehicle service departments
579604 | REV. A | 12.12.2016
2.0 Important Safety and
Wiring Instructions
Be sure to preview the standard operating proce-
dures (SOP) and ensure that local building and
electrical codes are reviewed before installing the
DC Wallbox charger.
The DC Wallbox Charger should be installed by a
trained technician according to the instruction man-
ual and local safety regulations.
Use appropriate protection when connecting to the
main power distribution cable.
CAUTION The disconnect switch for each
ungrounded conductor of AC input shall be
provided by others in accordance with the
National Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.

2.1 Safety and Compliance

Read the manual before installation or usage of
Do not put tools, material, or body parts into the
electric vehicle connector.
Do not use the DC Wallbox charger if the cabinet,
power cord, or charging cable are frayed, have bro-
ken insulation, or any other signs of damaged.
Do not install or use the DC Wallbox charger if the
enclosure is broken, cracked, open, or has any other
indications of damage.
The DC Wallbox charger should be installed only by
a qualified technician.
Make sure that the materials used and the installa-
tion procedures follow local building codes and
safety standards.
The information provided in this manual in no way
exempts the user of responsibility to follow all appli-
cable codes or safety standards.
Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc.


Table of Contents