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Black & decker operating instructions all-in-one deluxe automatic breadmaker b1620
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How To Use Your Breadmaker
while the hour setting is flashing. If the hour setting
has stopped flashing before the minutes have been
set, press and hold the TIMER button. With the hour
setting flashing again, immediately press the TIMER
button to set the minutes. While the "00"is flashing,
the minutes can be set to "30" using the "Up" or
"Down" arrows. When the "30" stops flashing and the
current time is displayed, the timer is set.
To start the delayed completion timer, press the
TIMER button. The completion time will flash
briefly and be replaced by the current time in the dis-
play, and the green TIMER light will come on. If the
green light does not come on, and
"13 Hr
have set the TIMER for longer than the maximum
13 hour delay. To reset the TIMER hold the TIMER
button until the hour setting flashes, and the time can
be changed using the "Up" and "Down" arrows.
If the green light does not come on, and
"0 Hr
" appears, the TIMER has
been set for a delayed completion time which is
shorter than the actual bake time (for example 3:50 is
the bake time for Sweet Bread). Reset the TIMER for a
longer delayed completion time.
To cancel the TIMER function, press the TIMER
button and the green light will go out.
To check the completion time while the green
TIMER light is on, press the TIMER button twice.
To check the completion time while the red light is
on, press the TIMER button once.
When the actual breadmaking operation begins,
the green "timer" light will go out, the red "on" light
will come on, and total bake time (3:50 for Sweet
Bread) will appear on the display. The bake time will
count down in one minute intervals. When the end of
the countdown is reached, a beeping signal will
sound and your bread is complete. The red light will
now begin flashing to show the Breadmaker has
automatically activated the 60 minute "Keep Warm"


Specific questions about the breadmaker functions
and problems with ingredients or recipes are
addressed in the "Need Help?" section beginning on
pg. 31.
G If there is an operational problem with the unit,
you may see a hyphen, colon, double hyphen
(- : --) message in the display window.
" appears on the display, you
This means there is an operational/mechanical
malfunction. DO NOT USE THE UNIT. Unplug
the unit and contact your local service center for
repair. Call the toll-free number on the cover of
this booklet to ask for the location of the Black &
Decker service center nearest you.
G If the START/RESET button is pressed and the
word "HOT" appears in the display window, it
indicates that the unit has not cooled sufficiently
after baking to use immediately again. Open the
lid, remove the Baking Pan and allow the inside
of the unit to cool. Once the unit has cooled suffi-
ciently, pressing the START/RESET button will
immediately start the breadmaking operation.
G For specific problems with Bread/Dough results,
see the Troubleshooting guide on the next page:
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Table of Contents

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