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Black & decker operating instructions all-in-one deluxe automatic breadmaker b1620
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How To Use Your Breadmaker
Close the lid and plug into an outlet (120 volt). Two
ARROWS will come up in the display window indi-
cating BASIC BREAD TYPE with a REGULAR crust and
12:00 AM will flash in the display window. If you wish
to use the TIMER to delay baking, you will first have to
set the correct time of day. However, if you want to
start the breadmaking operation now, it is not neces-
sary to set the CLOCK.
To bake a Basic loaf of bread with a Regular
Crust, simply press the START/RESET Button.
However, you can choose a dif-
ferent setting for your recipe by
pressing the BREAD TYPE but-
ton on the pad. Each time you
press BREAD TYPE, the arrow
Basic, Rapid Bake, or Sweet
Bread setting, choose a crust
color by pressing the CRUST
Press the START/RESET Button once until it
beeps and the red "on" indicator light comes on.
The flashing 12:00 AM will be
replaced by, for example, 3:50, if
you chose a recipe for the Basic
Bread setting (regardless of
whether you chose "Regular" or
the baking is complete, several beeps will sound to
alert you that the bread is ready and the red indicator
light will begin flashing. In addition, a flashing 12:00
AM will reappear in the display screen.
This Breadmaker is designed with a Keep Warm
function that automatically begins when baking
is complete. The red light will continue to flash for
up to 60 minutes after baking is complete and will
in the display window
will point to the next
selection (i.e. Rapid
Bake, Sweet Bread,
etc.) If you are using a
recipe that calls for the
COLOR button until
the arrow in the win-
dow lines up with
either "Regular" or
"Dark" crust). It will
count down the
remaining time in one-
minute intervals (3:49,
3:48, etc.) until the
bread is done. When
keep bread warm during that time. At the end of the
hour, the Keep Warm cycle will end and the light
will remain on constantly, indicating the unit is still
plugged in. The bread should then be removed as
soon as possible to avoid getting soggy. You may
remove the Baking Pan any time during the Keep
Warm cycle. To turn off the Keep Warm feature
before the 60 minutes are up, simply press the
START/RESET button and hold it until the display
time clears.
NOTE: The Keep Warm feature does not function for
the DOUGH/PASTA setting since baking is not
involved in this program. If you leave finished dough
in the unit over a period of time, it may over-rise and
produce poor results. For best results, remove dough
at the end of the program and follow the recipe
directions for shaping, rising, and baking.
This unit has a convenient Viewing Window so
that you may watch the progress of the bread as
it is mixed, kneaded, and baked. Occasionally, some
moisture may form in the window during the rising
cycle. If moisture forms, you may lift the lid to look
inside during the mixing and kneading stages,
BAKING CYCLE (approximately the last hour) as
this may cause the bread to underbake. Most of the
moisture should disappear during the baking cycle.
To remove the Baking Pan, use pot holders or
oven mitts, grasp the wire handle with both
hands and turn the Pan to the left until the notch in
the pan lines up with the unlock arrow on the back
wall of the oven chamber. Pull straight up on the
Baking Pan. Fold and lock the wire handle down.
Turn the pan on its side and gently shake the bread
out onto a wire cooling rack. The Baking Pan and
Mixing Paddle have a non-stick coated finish so that
the bread should come out easily. Do not use metal
utensils to remove bread as they may scratch the
non-stick coating. If you have difficulty removing
bread from the Baking Pan, slide a flat rubber or
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Table of Contents

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