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Troubleshooting - Sony DKC-ST5 Operating Instructions Manual

Digital photo camera.
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The system does not power on.
The buttons of the remote controller do not
There is no image on the monitor.
The monitor image colors are peculiar.
Captured images are blurred.
The picture quality from the camera is poor.
Changing the camera settings does not affect the
image on the monitor.
There are a number of horizontal lines on a live
When I change the focus and zoom settings, the
lens does not respond.
When an image is transferred to a computer and
displayed, the color gradation is completely
different from that in the monitor image.
When a captured image is displayed on the
monitor, the color gradation is peculiar.
When shooting with the flash on, the image
flickers at the instant an image is captured to
The color temperature of the live image
sometimes changes under fluorescent lighting.
However I change the settings, the dynamic
range of an image transferred to the computer
does not fill the 0 to 255 range.
I have used cropping on images captured to
memory to transfer them part by part to the
computer. However, it does not seem to be
possible to join them back together again
The computer does not recognize the digital
SCSI operations are unstable.
The lens does not work.
Chapter 6 Maintenance
If a problem should occur when you are using the system, consult the
following troubleshooting chart, and carry out any suggested action.
If you are unable to resolve the problem, or if the problem occurs
persistently, contact your Sony dealer.
Cause / items to check / action to take
Is the power cord connected correctly? (See page 46.)
Is the remote controller cable connected correctly? (See page 46.)
Are the video signal cables (R, G, B) connected correctly? (See page 46.)
There may be blurring when photographing a fast-moving subject. This is
not a fault.
Is the attenuation compensation setting for the camera cable set correctly?
Set DIP switch 1 according to the length of the cable. (See page 50.)
If the image being displayed is from memory, there will be no change. In
this case, switch from memory monitor mode to live monitor mode.
When shooting a moving subject, this may occur in the image on the
monitor. This is not a fault, and does not affect captured images.
Set the FOCUS/ZOOM switch to the POWER position.
In this system, when an image is displayed on the monitor the color look-
up table is optimized to give the best gradation. The image may not
therefore necessarily appear identically on a computer screen.
Have the gamma settings been changed since the image was captured?
For the same reason as in the previous item, if the current gamma settings
are different from the gamma settings when the image was captured, it will
not be displayed correctly on the monitor.
This is not a fault.
This is caused by the electronic shutter reacting to the high frequency
variations in intensity which are a characteristic of fluorescent lighting, and
is not a fault.
When using flash the images shot are not affected; if not using flash, as
far as possible shoot under tungsten lighting.
Is the "CONTRAST" setting in the PICTURE menu set to a negative
value? (See page 55.)
Because of the details of the image processing algorithm, it is not in
general possible to join parts of images back together without subtle
problems of pixel mismatch.
• Did you power on the system using the correct procedure? (See page
• Is the SCSI cable connected correctly? (See pages 46 to 49.)
• Is there a SCSI ID conflict? (See pages 49 and 50.)
• Is the SCSI terminator fitted correctly? (See page 48.)
Didn't you connect or disconnect the lens cable with the system power on?
(See pages 9 and 11.)


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