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Installing The Batteries - Sony RM-AV3000T Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated remote commander
Hide thumbs


qf EXIT button (page 89)
Used to exit the setting menu.
qg MENU button (page 88)
Calls up the menu display of the
buttons or keys that have menu
qh OK button and Cursor Control
buttons (page 9, 64, 88)
qj SYSTEM CONTROL buttons (page 31)
You can programme up to 32
consecutive key operations to each of
buttons. You can automatically carry
out the entire programme by pressing
one button.
qk MORE button (page 32)
Label keys change in the order from
the first stage to the third stage and
come back to the first, and so on, each
time you press the MORE button in
the system mode.
* Note on the 2 +/– and % buttons
The Commander controls or mutes the TV's
volume when you select a visual component.
The Commander controls or mutes the
amplifier's volume when you select an audio
You can change this setting also (page 29).
Note on the power on and off of the
display of the Commander
To turn on the display, press any button except
the COMMANDER OFF button.
To turn off the display, press COMMANDER
OFF, or if you don't use the Commander, the
display automatically turns off after 10
minutes. This interval can also be changed
(page 74).

Installing the Batteries

Slide open the battery compartment lid
and insert four size AA (R6) alkaline
batteries (not supplied). Be sure to line
up the + and – on the batteries with the +
and – on the battery compartment.



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