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Changing The Programme Already Set Or Changing Another Programme That You Select - Sony RM-AV3000T Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated remote commander
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To change the programme name
on the Mode Display key
After Step 3, hold the Mode Display key
pressed for more than 2 seconds. The
Commander enter the Label Inputting
Then follow the same procedure as that
for changing the name of the Label key in
Steps 2 - 5 on page 24.
To change the interval between
timer operation steps
See page 40.
• When using the timer setting on this
Commander, only one setting can be assigned
to one programme. If you want to set the
timer to turn on at a programmed time, and
to set the timer to turn off at another time,
programme the two settings separately.
• If there are some programmes set to be
executed at the same time, they start in order
from the lowest programme number.
• According to the status of the component
operated by the timer programme, the next
programme might not function successfully.
When setting a timer programme, check
carefully the setting of other programmes.
Changing the programme
already set or changing
another programme that you
Follow Steps 1 - 3 on page 61, 62.
Press the COPY key.
If you want to change the programme
already set, go to Step 6 without
pressing the COPY key.
The programme number appears on
the left Label key, and "COPY"
flashes on the right Label key.
Press the COPY key repeatedly
until the programme number of
which contents you want to
change appears. (Each time the
COPY key is pressed, the
programme number which has
the timer setting information
appears in order.)



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