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Sony RM-AV3000T Operating Instructions Manual page 24

Integrated remote commander
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Using Non-Preset Remote Control
— Learning Function (continued)
Input digits or characters on the
Label key by pressing the number
keys (0 - 9), SYMBOL 1 key or
SYMBOL 2 key on the LCD
The cursor flashes in the left end of
the Label key.
Begin inputting digits or characters
from the left. Press repeatedly the
number key until you obtain the
desired digit or character.
The digits or characters are assigned
to the keys as follows.
1: 1
2: A t B t C t a t b t c t 2
3: D t E t F t d t e t f t 3
4: G t H t I t g t h t i t 4
5: J t K t L t j t k t l t 5
6: M t N t O t m t n t o t 6
7: P t Q t R t S t p t q t r t
s t 7
8: T t U t V t t t u t v t 8
9: W t X t Y t Z t w t x t y
t z t 9
0: 0
SYMBOL 1 :!, &, /, ?, p, P, O, o, +, -, :,
SYMBOL 2 :space,
If you make a mistake, move the
cursor to the digit or character you
want to correct by pressing the
button, and input again.
If you press the CLEAR key, the Label
key returns to the previous display.
,, ., ", ', ~, *, #, |, space
, 9,
(, ), <, >, b, B, t, T, x,
W, X, x, $
Decide the digit or the character
you input by pressing the
button or another number key.
The cursor moves to the right.
When the
cursor moves to the left. You can
input a digit or character to the place
where the cursor flashes.
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you
input a suitable name to the Label
When the cursor reaches to the right
end, if the
number key is pressed, the cursor
returns back to the left end.
Decide the display of the Label
key by pressing the RETURN key.
The LCD display goes to Step 5 on
page 21.
To change the component name
on the Mode Display key
When you programme a signal for a
Label key, you can also change the
component name on the Mode Display
key to the most suitable name using up
to 8 characters or digits (page 79).
button is pressed, the
button or another



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