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Sony RM-AV3000T Operating Instructions Manual page 46

Integrated remote commander
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Adding an Extra Function to the
Component Select Buttons
Example : To programme the
input select signal of your
amplifier to the CD button
Place the RM-AV3000T head to
head with your component's
remote control.
Remote control of
your component
about 2 – 4 inches
(5 – 10 cm) away
Follow Steps 2 and 3 on page 20
in "Learning Function."
While pressing the Mode Display
key (LEARN), press the
Component Select button or the
Label key you want to "teach,"
and release both keys.
(To change the Label keys, press the
OTHER button repeatedly.)
The selected component name
appears on the Mode Display key, and
"LEARN" begins to flash.
Press and hold down the button
on the component's remote
control (amplifier in this example)
until you hear a beep.
(If you release the button before
you hear a beep, the signal may
not be learned correctly.)
"LEARN" stops flashing and stays lit.
If "NG" flashes on the display
Learning did not succeed. Try Steps 3 and
4 again.



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