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Sony RM-AV3000T Operating Instructions Manual page 66

Integrated remote commander
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Setting the Timer (continued)
When the programme number of
which contents you want to
change appears on the left Label
key, press that Label key.
With a beep sound, the contents of
selected programme is copied to the
programme number on the Mode
Display key (in this case, PROG4).
The day of the week and the time for
the copied timer programme are
displayed on the Clock Display key.
"ON/OFF," "TEST," "SETUP," and
"COPY" flash on the Label keys.
Press the SETUP key.
"DAY," "TIME," and "MACRO" flash.
Press the key of which contents
you want to change.
DAY: See Step 5 on page 62.
TIME: See Step 6 on page 63.
MACRO: The display turns as below.
Press the YES key.
With a beep sound, the Timer Macro
setting is cleared, and the Commander
enters the Timer Macro setting mode
(Step 7 on page 63).
If you press the NO key
The display returns to Step 5.
You cannot change the Timer Macro
setting partially. If you want to change
the programme without clearing the
frequently used procedure, use the
System Control function (page 31).
For example, if Steps A to D are
frequently used when you want to
programme Steps A, B, C, D and E,
programme Steps A to D using the
system macro. Then programme Step
E in the Timer Macro adding to that
system macro.



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