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Evaporator Options; Controls Options; General Options - Quantech QTC4 STYLE A Series Installation Operation & Maintenance

Air-cooled screw liquid chillers with variable speed drive, 150 - 500 tons, 525 - 1750 kw, 2 compressor, 60 hz.
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End Hail Guard – Louvered panels, painted the same
color as the unit, are installed on the rear of the unit
(opposite end of the control panel) to protect the ex-
posed condenser from flying debris or hail.
V-Guard Panels – Solid panels, painted the same col-
or as the unit, are installed along the sides of the units
to cover exposed piping within the condenser section
without impacting airflow. These guard panels can be
combined with End Hail Guard option for additional
protection from debris.

Evaporator Options

38 mm insulation – Double thickness insulation
Flange Kit – Provides contractor with the couplings
best suited to tie into the chilled water piping. All
flanges are PN10.
Connection Location – The standard unit configura-
tion is available with fluid inlet connections at rear
(opposite control panel end) of unit. Option available
for front fluid inlet on select configurations.
Water Box Heater – The standard unit comes with
evaporator shell heaters and water pump control soft-
ware. Optional water box heaters are required for
storage below 0°F (-17°C). Refer to the "Refrigerant
Valve - Off: Close the water valves, close flash tank
drain valves, close the suction service valves and leave
power to the chiller for evaporator heater mat and wa-
terbox heater operation. For units without a suction
service valve, close the discharge and compressor oil
valves." on page 94 for more information on freeze

Controls Options

High Ambient Operation – This provides special
control logic coupled with high airflow fans to permit
high ambient up to 52°C (125°F) operation. Fans are
airfoil type blades with high power motors. This option
may also allow for increased machine capacity, allow-
ing the selection of a smaller chassis to meet specific
capacity requirements.
Building Automation System Interface (Tempera-
ture) – Factory installed option to accept a 4 to 20mA
or a 0 to 10VDC input to allow remote reset of the
Leaving Chilled Liquid Temperature Setpoint. The
setpoint can be positively offset upwards up to 22.2°C
(40°F). This option is useful for ice storage or process
applications or for periods where higher chilled liquid
temperatures are adequate for low loads. Available
alone or in combination with BAS Load Limit.
Building Automation System Interface (Load Lim-
it) – Factory installed option to accept a 4 to 20mA or
a 0 to 10VDC input to allow remote reset of the Load
Limit Setpoint. The setpoint can limit system demand
from 30-100%. Available alone or in combination with
BAS Temperature Reset.
E-Link – The optional E-Link gateway provides com-
munication between the equipment and Building Auto-
mation Systems, including BACnet (MS/TP), Modbus,
LON and N2.
Thermal Storage – Provides special control logic and
modifications to produce leaving chilled brine temper-
atures below 4.4°C (40°F) primarily at times of low
ambient temperatures (night time). Option can be used
to produce ice to supplement cooling and significantly
decrease energy costs. The capability of the chiller is
enhanced by using both ice and chilled water simulta-
neously during times of peak cooling needs.

General Options

Flow Switch Accessory – Vapor proof SPDT, NEMA
3R switch, 10.3 barg (150 PSIG) DWP, -29°C to 121°C
(-20°F to 250°F) with 1" NPT (IPS) connection for up-
right mounting in horizontal pipe. This flow switch
or equivalent must be furnished with each unit. Field
Differential Pressure Switch – This 0.2-3 barg (3-45
PSIG) range switch, with 1/4" NPTE pressure connec-
tions, is an alternative to the paddle-type flow switch.
Field mounted.
Service Isolation Valve – Service suction isolation
valve added to unit for each refrigerant circuit.
Dual Pressure Relief Valve – Two safety relief valves
are mounted in parallel; one is always operational to
assist in valve replacement during maintenance.
ISSUE DATE: 4/2/2018


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